Our holidays and summertime are over too fast, but we’ve already wiped the tears off our faces and are celebrating the middle of September by supporting yet another open source project and charitable organisation. This time, our brave programmer from Łódź, Krzysiek Skarbek, has selected the organisations.

Krzysiek is a long-time user and fan of Debian, one of the most valued Linux distributions, so he’s decided to support the project. Our team includes many users of other Linux systems based on Debian, like Ubuntu or Mint, so we all support his choice. We’re sending the Debian team some financial support along with our heartfelt regards.

We’ve also chosen to support the “Home for a Puppy” Foundation from Poddębice. Their aim is to help neglected and abandoned animals. The foundation is a new endeavour as it was created only last year, but it’s already clear that its team fulfils its mission efficiently and with commitment. Krzysiek found the organisation himself when he was seeking a home for a Labrador abandoned at the Przykona beach near Uniejów. According to him, the “Home for a Puppy” Foundation helped him immeasurably. We would like to thank them ourselves and send the foundation our best wishes!