Today we are celebrating a public holiday. That means we have the day off, and there will be no monthly donations… Just joking, of course. While others may be taking a small break, we’ll keep carrying out our donation campaign. This month, the recipients of our financial support have been chosen by Filip, a programmer from Poznań who has been cooperating with us for over a year.

As chosen by Filip, we give our support to the Mozilla foundation, a non-profit organisation established in 2003 to supervise the development of various projects, such as the Firefox web browser or the Thunderbird e-mail client. With time, the foundation has taken further steps to make the Internet open and innovative. Our team includes many users of Mozilla Foundation’s software and we also willingly avail ourselves of its other achievements such as the documentation resulting from the work on the Mozilla Developer Network. We have appreciated the foundation’s work for many years – and we gave them our financial support in 2014 and 2015. This year we are doing it again, feeling happy and grateful for the foundation’s activity. Surely it won’t be the last time!

We would also like to show our support for the “Prima” Foundation in Poznań. Since 2009, it has been helping Labrador Retrievers that have fallen victim to cruelty, either through neglect or abuse. The foundation is named after a female dog which after years of distress found a good owner and a happy new life. We wish all the best to the foundation and its dogs!