Holiday, vacation, and work is less and less on everyone’s minds… but our enthusiasm for the monthly tradition of supporting open source projects and charity organisations has not dwindled. In July, Ania Hawrył, our steadfast tester, has chosen the recipients of aid.

Ania has decided to support the Libre Office project, an office software package developed in 2010 (based on Open Office). Many members of our team use Libre Office in their daily work with documents and spreadsheets, and we have also utilised it to create many presentations (some of which can be viewed on our Speaker Deck profile). The specially established Document Foundation is behind the project – we’d like to thank it for the many years of effort in developing the package!

The second choice made by Ania is the „To Rescue Children with Cancer” Foundation. The Foundation has been operating for 26 years and has helped over 5,000 children with cancer. We are glad that we can have a small part in this aid and wish all the best to the whole Foundation and all the children under its care!