It’s summertime – and while, properly speaking, it is neither astronomical nor truly meteorological summer yet, it is summer nonetheless. With the sunbeams shining, we arrive at the June instalment of our monthly financial support campaign for open-source projects and charities.

Today we decided to repeat our choice from exactly a year ago. Our financial support goes to the Perl Foundation, which has been operating since 2000, working on developing the Perl programming language and other related projects. Perl is one of the programming languages which we have continued to use for many projects since the very inception of our business. We are grateful to the Perl Foundation for their efforts, and wish them all the best for their present and future projects. We hope that our contribution will indeed be of help.

Our support also goes to the “Cat’s Claw” Animal Foundation in Poznań. Established in 2006, the foundation is dedicated to helping animals, stray cats in particular. In giving our support, we thank all the people involved in the Foundation’s efforts, and we also wish the best for the volunteers and for the felines under their care.