It's the middle of the month, and although half of our team is battling illness, this is not going to break our spirit and stop us from making our monthly donations to open source projects and charity organizations. This month the recipients have been carefully selected by Karol Pasternak.

We're supporting GnuPG, the free implementation of the OpenPGP standard, which allows you to encrypt your e-mails in a fairly easy way (especially with the help of e-mail client extensions such as Enigmail). We often use it when communicating with more security-aware clients or when we need to send sensitive information by e-mail. Congratulations and thanks to the maintainers of GnuPG, g10code, and especially to Werner Koch, the original author of the program!

The charity organization that we're donating to is the Animal Shelter in Łódź. We already supported them last year, but we know they are doing a great job helping animals and deserve more than just a one-time donation. We send our best wishes to all the people (and animals) of the shelter!