#SidnetDonations: Michał for FreeBSD and Przystan Ocalenie Foundations

This month marks 11 years since we started our monthly donation initiative. To date, Sidnet has donated more than 130 times to open-source projects and charitable causes nominated by team members.

The campaign’s initiator, Michał Wojciechowski, renews his choice from the first edition of #SidnetDonations, supporting FreeBSD and Przystan Ocalenie. Our CEO stresses that these two foundations have been constantly operating since we included them in 2012,  persistently pursuing their goals.

FreeBSD Foundation

The FreeBSD Foundation has been in operation since 2001, developing the operating system of the same name. While FreeBSD as an open-source system remains in the shadow of the hugely popular Linux, its existence was instrumental in the birth of many other operating systems popular today. 

Systems such as macOS and iOS used in Apple devices or TrueNAS (a free system for managing network disk resources) are based on FreeBSD’s source code. 

“In our company, we have been using FreeBSD on several servers from the beginning, providing basic services needed for daily work, such as e-mail and LDAP.” – Michal emphasizes.

Przystan Ocalenie Foundation

Przystan Ocalenie (Harbour of Rescue) is a shelter for horses, farm animals, and many others. The foundation’s dedicated team works tirelessly to provide care, shelter, and the proper treatment for Poland’s abandoned, injured and abused animals.

The foundation’s activities and the pursuit of its mission to save animals’ lives are based solely on donations and the work of volunteers. On the Przystań Ocalenie website, there is an active store. Anyone can contribute to help the animals get the necessary vitamins, feeds, or vegetables. We encourage you to support them – spending even a small amount can improve their living conditions.