It’s time for the September edition of our monthly initiative to financially support open-source projects and charitable organisations. This time it was Michał Dziekoński who got to select the recipients.

Michał has been into the JavaScript React library for some time now, and decided we should donate something to Dan Abramov, the author of many useful components for the React library. Michał has used several of these while playing around with React, so he wanted to congratulate Dan on his great work – and the rest of our team joined in.

Michał has also decided that we should provide financial help to the Józefów Stray Animal Centre near Legionowo (Michał’s home region). The shelter and the foundation that runs it have been carrying out their work there for almost 20 years and, throughout this time, have found homes for hundreds of stray cats and dogs. Kudos to the shelter’s employees, volunteers, and four-legged residents!