Monthly Donations: the GnuPG Project and Marcin Sztrubel

We have already cleaned up the last of the confetti, and finished the remaining New Year's champagne, so for the first time in this new year we continue our monthly tradition of helping open source projects and others in need. The task of selecting who to support was assigned to Wojtek Siewierski. He has been working with us for over a year, but this is his first opportunity to take this honourable role.

Wojtek decided that in January we should aid the GnuPG project, an encryption software package which our team has been using for years to secure e-mail correspondence. We previously showed our appreciation for GnuPG back in 2013, when we first gave financial support for the project - and now we are doing it again without hesitation. By the way, we'd like to send our thanks and belated birthday wishes to the package developers, as GnuPG recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the release of its first version (December 20th, 1997). Thank you, and we wish you all the best!

Through the Avalon Foundation we are also providing aid to Marcin Sztrubel, who for over ten years has been struggling with progressive muscular atrophy. Marcin himself tries to help others suffering from similar diseases by participating in the Polish Society for Neuromuscular Diseases. However, to be able to continue to do so and to enjoy life, he requires constant specialist and expensive rehabilitation. We hope we can ...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Sidnet team

Christmas Project: Expansion of the website

For the last five years, Christmas time has been about giving a present to our friends from one of many charitable organisations. It is our tradition to perform a small project which helps an organisation in achieving its goals.

This year our Christmas project is the expansion of the website for Onkobieg, a charitable running event organised by the “Sarcoma” Association. A couple of months ago we created a new version of the Onkobieg website and introduced the ability to register for the event via the Internet. Even back then the Association had further plans to develop the website, so we’ve decided that this would be a perfect fit for our Christmas project.

The most important implemented website function is the ability to provide recurring donations by the Onkobieg website visitors. Those who want to regularly support the event will be able to do so conveniently by turning on monthly automatic payments. We are also working on a new form, which will allow site visitors to register as a voluntary contributor to help with Onkobieg events.

Our project is still in the works – unfortunately we don’t have as many elves to help us as Santa does. Most of the new features are, however, ready. They are being extensively tested at the moment and will become visible on the Onkobieg website in a couple of days (we will inform you about this).

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Sidnet Team

Monthly Donations: Git and the "I Have a Dream" Foundation

Tis December and wintertime -
but indeed the changing weather
either makes the sky look fine
or look like it’d snow forever.

In contrast to this season, our commitment to supporting open source initiatives and charities is pretty much consistent, and just like in all the previous months, it’s now time for its latest installment. The last beneficiaries of this year have been chosen by Leszek Kalota, a programmer from Teresin, who’s debuting in this pleasant role.

Leszek chose to give the donation to the Git project, one of the most popular version control systems, without which we wouldn’t be able to work efficiently. We’ve already shown our gratefulness, helping the project already in 2012, 2015 and 2016. This will be the fourth time then. As before, we’d like to thank the programmers of Git for the meticulous development of their software, and we wish them all the best in their future work on the project!

The other beneficiary of this month is the “Mam Marzenie” (“I have a dream”) Foundation. Its mission is to make the dreams of children with life-threatening diseases come true. Since its inception in 2003, the Foundation has fulfilled over 7,000 such dreams, bringing joy to those children and letting them forget, at least for a moment, about their difficult struggles with illness. We’re very glad that we can contribute to this noble cause, and we hope that ...

Monthly Donations: Perl Dancer and the Association "Wolf"

November has arrived, with leaves falling from the trees, along with the temperature and the rain. As is our monthly tradition, today we show our support for open source projects and charities. For November the aid recipients were selected by our fearless programmer, Tadeusz Sośnierz, better known as Tadzik.

Tadzik chose the Perl Dancer project, a framework for building web applications in Perl. We have known Dancer for a long time and successfully used the framework in a number of internal projects. Additionally, for five years we have been involved in a project in which Dancer plays (dances?) the main role. In recognition of these services, Dancer was featured on our blog as a supported project in 2015. Today we are happy to once again send financial aid to its creators and wish them success in developing the framework.

We also support the Association for Nature "Wolf", which has engaged in nature conservation for more than twenty years. The association mainly helps predatory mammals, such as wolves, bears and lynxes. In its long history, it has received many awards for its work, including a prestigious prize from the National Geographic Polska magazine. We wish the association further success and are grateful for their contribution to the conservation of Polish predators.

Monthly Donations: the Django Project and the "Help on Time" Children's Foundation

It is mid-October, so the time has come to engage in the next round of our aid campaign. This month Jakub was responsible for selecting the open source project and the charity organisation that will be receiving our support.

Jakub decided to honour one of the projects that played a significant role in the recent reconstruction of our website and which is (with the help of other components) currently keeping it running. This project is Django, the most popular web development framework for Python. In addition to our own reconstruction work we have also used Django in several other undertakings, so the project has already seen our support on our blog. Therefore, once more, we thank the developers of Django and congratulate them on such fantastic work!

The second beneficiary of our aid is the “Help on Time” children's foundation, and again this is not their first appearance as we have already provided assistance to them and the children they care for several times in the past. As usual, we give our donation together with our thanks to everyone involved in the foundation’s work. We wish them all the success in their future endeavours.

Our Brand New Site

Our Brand New Site

A few days ago we launched a new, thoroughly updated version of our website. We did it without much publicity or great pomp. No champagne popped either. However, we have decided that we should at least write a few words about it here, on our (also refreshed) blog.

What you can see at first glance is the new layout for the site, which is the work of our graphic designer, Marcin. We hope that you like it, and above all that you find it transparent and user-friendly in terms of convenient viewing on desktop and mobile devices.

Nevertheless, the new look of our site is just the tip of the iceberg because, most importantly, we have replaced the site engine. Drupal went into well-deserved retirement and gave way to Wagtail – a content management system written in Python and based on the very popular Django framework.

It was a kind of experiment and a challenge for us, because we had had no prior experience with Wagtail. It was actually just what we needed to put the site together “our own way”, while of course introducing lots of modifications and our own solutions. We got it right: after all web application programming is our daily bread. However, there are still some things that do not work the way we would like, so let's just say that the site is running in its beta version, and we will continue to work on ...

Monthly Donations: Debian and the "Home for a Puppy" Foundation

Our holidays and summertime are over too fast, but we’ve already wiped the tears off our faces and are celebrating the middle of September by supporting yet another open source project and charitable organisation. This time, our brave programmer from Łódź, Krzysiek Skarbek, has selected the organisations.

Krzysiek is a long-time user and fan of Debian, one of the most valued Linux distributions, so he’s decided to support the project. Our team includes many users of other Linux systems based on Debian, like Ubuntu or Mint, so we all support his choice. We’re sending the Debian team some financial support along with our heartfelt regards.

We’ve also chosen to support the “Home for a Puppy” Foundation from Poddębice. Their aim is to help neglected and abandoned animals. The foundation is a new endeavour as it was created only last year, but it’s already clear that its team fulfils its mission efficiently and with commitment. Krzysiek found the organisation himself when he was seeking a home for a Labrador abandoned at the Przykona beach near Uniejów. According to him, the “Home for a Puppy” Foundation helped him immeasurably. We would like to thank them ourselves and send the foundation our best wishes!

Monthly Donations: The Mozilla Foundation and the “Prima” Labrador Retriever Rescue Foundation

Today we are celebrating a public holiday. That means we have the day off, and there will be no monthly donations… Just joking, of course. While others may be taking a small break, we’ll keep carrying out our donation campaign. This month, the recipients of our financial support have been chosen by Filip, a programmer from Poznań who has been cooperating with us for over a year.

As chosen by Filip, we give our support to the Mozilla foundation, a non-profit organisation established in 2003 to supervise the development of various projects, such as the Firefox web browser or the Thunderbird e-mail client. With time, the foundation has taken further steps to make the Internet open and innovative. Our team includes many users of Mozilla Foundation’s software and we also willingly avail ourselves of its other achievements such as the documentation resulting from the work on the Mozilla Developer Network. We have appreciated the foundation’s work for many years – and we gave them our financial support in 2014 and 2015. This year we are doing it again, feeling happy and grateful for the foundation’s activity. Surely it won’t be the last time!

We would also like to show our support for the “Prima” Foundation in Poznań. Since 2009, it has been helping Labrador Retrievers that have fallen victim to cruelty, either through neglect or abuse. The foundation is named after a female dog which after ...

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