Last month we celebrated our anniversary, and today, in a more customary but still enthusiastic way, we are back to supporting open source projects and charities. This month the choice of beneficiaries was handled by Krzysiek Pisera, one of our longest standing team members, with nearly nine years' experience: he is one of the few who remember the very beginnings of our initiative.

Krzysiek is even more faithful to Vim, the text editor for programmers, which he has been using since the day he was born (well, maybe not for that long, but he probably doesn't remember exactly when himself). It is a peculiar tradition within a tradition, where Krzysiek has chosen this particular project to be the beneficiary of our financial support almost every time he was given this opportunity, making this year the fourth time in history. As Bram Moolenaar, the creator of Vim, has for years re-donated all the funds collected for Vim to ICCF Holland, helping Ugandan children in need, we also indirectly contribute to this cause. Bram and ICCF Holland: thank you!

We are also providing financial support to the Foundation for Polish Science, which runs the "START" program to help the most talented young scientists to begin their careers, and to create a friendlier work environment for them. We send our regards to the foundation and all the young researchers who participate in the program!