Today marks a great anniversary! No, we're not talking about the 90th anniversary of the first Mickey Mouse cartoon... On this day, six years ago, we began our donations to open source projects and charity organisations.

Under this initiative, every month a different person from our team chooses who should receive financial aid from us, and there are always two beneficiaries: an open source project (usually one that has been useful in some way in our work) and an organisation engaged in charity. Over these past six years we have made almost a hundred and fifty such donations, to several dozen projects, foundations, orphanages, animal shelters and individuals in need.

A “side effect” of this campaign is that we have become the friends and helpers of several organizations - especially the “Little Brothers of the Poor” association and "Sarcoma" association.

Let's get to the point! In this, our anniversary month, Marcin Tabaka has selected the following recipients for our support: the Webpack project and Jakub Ułanowicz (through the “Help on Time” children's foundation).

Webpack is a tool to ease working with code and resources (such as JavaScript libraries or CSS files) in web projects. Marcin and other web developers at our company use it happily in several websites and applications. As always, we wish to thank the authors and congratulate them on their successful project!

Kubuś Ułanowicz is a nine-year-old boy with autism. With the support of the “Help on Time” children's foundation, his parents try to give him opportunities to function and cope in everyday life – at school and in his contacts with his peers. Kubuś needs rehabilitation and therapy, mainly psychological and speech therapy, which of course means expenses. We previously helped Kubuś a couple of years ago, and today we are happy to do so again, while at the same time sending our best wishes to Kubuś and his parents.

Finally, we wish all the best to ourselves on this sixth anniversary, and officially start the seventh year of our campaign!

6th anniversary cake