March this year has been a mixed bag so far – it has both chilled us to the bone and given us a glimpse of the spring sun. The weather is, to put it simply, unstable. We remain unchanged, however, in our monthly tradition of financially helping open source projects and charity organisations. Michał Dziekoński, our front-end programming veteran, was responsible for picking the beneficiaries this time around.

Michał has spoken, and so we lend our support to the KeePassXC project, a password manager for Linux, Windows and macOS. KeePassXC is a good example of how open source software really works, as it is a fork of the KeePassX project (which has already received our support on multiple occasions in the past). The new project was developed on the initiative of programmers who wanted to introduce new functionalities to the software faster, and decided to develop their own version. We wish them all the best in their work on KeePassXC!

We have also elected to support the Foundation of the Friends of the Friars Minor, set up in 2010, and which since 2012 has operated an animal shelter in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. This is the third time that we have chosen to help the Foundation and, as always, we are thankful for all the effort they put into saving animals. We wish them all the best!