It is mid-October, so the time has come to engage in the next round of our aid campaign. This month Jakub was responsible for selecting the open source project and the charity organisation that will be receiving our support.

Jakub decided to honour one of the projects that played a significant role in the recent reconstruction of our website and which is (with the help of other components) currently keeping it running. This project is Django, the most popular web development framework for Python. In addition to our own reconstruction work we have also used Django in several other undertakings, so the project has already seen our support on our blog. Therefore, once more, we thank the developers of Django and congratulate them on such fantastic work!

The second beneficiary of our aid is the “Help on Time” children's foundation, and again this is not their first appearance as we have already provided assistance to them and the children they care for several times in the past. As usual, we give our donation together with our thanks to everyone involved in the foundation’s work. We wish them all the success in their future endeavours.