From: Filip, Sidnet | To: and "Prima" Foundation

In case of the Sidnet team, you have no choice - you must support those in need ;-) This month we are making donations in order to support projects selected by one of our developers - Filip Sergot.

It is a browser created to give more guts to the most aware of the Internet users.

It effectively counters the fear related to online privacy:

  • It blocks the ads and scripts, preventing the associated data collection,
  • It simplifies the cookies control,
  • It makes use of secure connection when possible (automatically selecting the HTTPS protocol).

“Brave is a response to the growing concerns related to collection of user data implemented by major companies, such as Google or Facebook. It is quick and it also grows quickly - with new, very usable functions being added continuously. My favourite capability is the tab preview function” - Filip said.

"Prima" Labrador Retriever Rescue Foundation

This organization focuses on fighting the detrimental stereotypes related to careless ownership of a Labrador dog. It offers effective assistance for the dogs, especially for the Labrador retrievers.

The Foundation has a special place in my heart. I had a Labrador once, but at the very young age he was sick with bone cancer. I witnessed how much suffering can an animal take, and still wag its tail when seeing the owner” - Filip told us.

Monthly Donations: Antispam Bee and Flawiusz Obrusiewicz

It's September already, and although none of us have to pack our bags every morning to go to school, we still miss the holidays that have just passed. However nostalgic we may be, we haven't forgotten about the support we lend to open source projects and others in need. This month, it's the first time for Kamil Wiśniewski to choose our beneficiaries. He is the brave (and, so far, the only) representative of our team residing in Lublin.

Kamil chose Antispam Bee, a free WordPress plugin which, as the name would suggest, serves to combat the bothering issue of comment spam. He used this plugin for his own purposes, and was very satisfied, given its efficiency. Seeing that we have some projects planned that will make use of WordPress, it's very likely we'll have the opportunity to try out this plugin too. For the time being, we wish to send our regards to the plugin's authors and congratulate them on the project!

The other beneficiary this month is Flawiusz Obrusiewicz, a man from Lublin who is undergoing difficult physical rehabilitation following a case of cerebral oedema. Our support for Flawiusz will be provided through Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom i Osobom Chorym "Kawałek Nieba" ("A Piece of Heaven" Foundation for Children and Ill People). We sincerely hope for the best for Flawiusz and his family, and we especially hope that he finds the strength and perseverance ...

Monthly Donations: the Perl Foundation and the Rescue Haven

Every month we support one open source project and one charity, and August is no different. This time, the selection of the recipients was made by Michał Wojciechowski, the founder of our company, who also initiated this tradition over six years ago.

Michał decided to support the Perl Foundation. Perl is a programming language with a long history, and although it had fallen a bit behind in terms of popularity in recent years, we still find it very effective and use it for many projects, both internally and when building solutions for our clients. Our donation is to support the development of the language, its ecosystem and community.

We also help the Rescue Haven, an animal rescue centre which provides shelter for animals that have suffered from human cruelty and neglect. This organization is of special meaning to us, as we originally supported it in May 2012, when we made our very first donations, therefore beginning the monthly initiative.

We wish all the best to everyone in the Perl Foundation and the Rescue Haven!

Monthly Donations: Notepad++ and the Natural Heritage Foundation

Even though it’s summer outside, we wouldn’t be ourselves if we got distracted by (mostly) beautiful weather and neglected our monthly tradition of supporting one open source project and one nonprofit organization.

In July it was Wojtek Wąsik who had the privilege of choosing the causes that we will donate to. For the open source project, he went with Notepad++ - a source code editor that he uses ever since he can remember. As the author states on the Notepad++ website, his aim was to keep the CPU load low and therefore contribute to reducing the world carbon dioxide emissions.

We are also supporting the Natural Heritage Foundation, which operates within the area of Bieszczady, Wojtek’s favourite mountains. The organization takes care of animals in the Puszcza Karpacka forest, popularises this region in Poland and abroad, promotes local products and engages in investments which connect humans’ interests with nature protection and lead to creation of new jobs.

We wish both projects lots of success!

Monthly Donations: Vim/ICCF Holland and the Foundation for Polish Science

Last month we celebrated our anniversary, and today, in a more customary but still enthusiastic way, we are back to supporting open source projects and charities. This month the choice of beneficiaries was handled by Krzysiek Pisera, one of our longest standing team members, with nearly nine years' experience: he is one of the few who remember the very beginnings of our initiative.

Krzysiek is even more faithful to Vim, the text editor for programmers, which he has been using since the day he was born (well, maybe not for that long, but he probably doesn't remember exactly when himself). It is a peculiar tradition within a tradition, where Krzysiek has chosen this particular project to be the beneficiary of our financial support almost every time he was given this opportunity, making this year the fourth time in history. As Bram Moolenaar, the creator of Vim, has for years re-donated all the funds collected for Vim to ICCF Holland, helping Ugandan children in need, we also indirectly contribute to this cause. Bram and ICCF Holland: thank you!

We are also providing financial support to the Foundation for Polish Science, which runs the "START" program to help the most talented young scientists to begin their careers, and to create a friendlier work environment for them. We send our regards to the foundation and all the young researchers who participate in the program!

Monthly Donations: the Webpack Project and Kubuś Ułanowicz... and Celebrating an Anniversary!

Today marks a great anniversary! No, we're not talking about the 90th anniversary of the first Mickey Mouse cartoon... On this day, six years ago, we began our donations to open source projects and charity organisations.

Under this initiative, every month a different person from our team chooses who should receive financial aid from us, and there are always two beneficiaries: an open source project (usually one that has been useful in some way in our work) and an organisation engaged in charity. Over these past six years we have made almost a hundred and fifty such donations, to several dozen projects, foundations, orphanages, animal shelters and individuals in need.

A “side effect” of this campaign is that we have become the friends and helpers of several organizations - especially the “Little Brothers of the Poor” association and "Sarcoma" association.

Let's get to the point! In this, our anniversary month, Marcin Tabaka has selected the following recipients for our support: the Webpack project and Jakub Ułanowicz (through the “Help on Time” children's foundation).

Webpack is a tool to ease working with code and resources (such as JavaScript libraries or CSS files) in web projects. Marcin and other web developers at our company use it happily in several websites and applications. As always, we wish to thank the authors and congratulate them on their successful project!

Kubuś Ułanowicz is a nine-year-old boy with autism. With the support of the ...

Monthly Donations: the JS Foundation and the Animal Shelter in Tczew

April is upon us, and the weather it brings is so sunny and warm that we have already forgotten the winter. What we have not forgotten, though, is our monthly drive to support open source projects and charity organisations – and this month the chooser is (for the fourth time in history) Dawid Jancen.

Just as we did exactly one year ago, we (more specifically Dawid) have decided to financially assist the JS Foundation, which works to support the development of various open source projects that make up the JavaScript ecosystem. In our everyday work we make use of many tools supported by the JS Foundation, such as webpack, ESLint, RequireJS, as well as good old jQuery and jQuery UI. Our thanks go to the projects’ developers and the JS Foundation crew!

The other recipient of our help this month is the homeless animal shelter in Dawid’s hometown of Tczew. This is not the first time we have helped the shelter either - the last time was back in January 2016, when we helped treat Diego, a severely neglected dog rescued from his soulless owner. We were pleased to find out that Diego has recovered fully and found a new home. We hope that the other animals at the shelter have the same luck!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Sidnet Team

Monthly Donations: KeePassXC and the Foundation "Friends of the Friars Minor"

March this year has been a mixed bag so far – it has both chilled us to the bone and given us a glimpse of the spring sun. The weather is, to put it simply, unstable. We remain unchanged, however, in our monthly tradition of financially helping open source projects and charity organisations. Michał Dziekoński, our front-end programming veteran, was responsible for picking the beneficiaries this time around.

Michał has spoken, and so we lend our support to the KeePassXC project, a password manager for Linux, Windows and macOS. KeePassXC is a good example of how open source software really works, as it is a fork of the KeePassX project (which has already received our support on multiple occasions in the past). The new project was developed on the initiative of programmers who wanted to introduce new functionalities to the software faster, and decided to develop their own version. We wish them all the best in their work on KeePassXC!

We have also elected to support the Foundation of the Friends of the Friars Minor, set up in 2010, and which since 2012 has operated an animal shelter in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. This is the third time that we have chosen to help the Foundation and, as always, we are thankful for all the effort they put into saving animals. We wish them all the best!

Monthly Donations: the VLC Project and the Animal Shelter in Korabiewice

We’re halfway through February, and since it’s also Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect time to show that we have a good heart by choosing an open source project and a charity to support, just like we do each month. This month, it was the first time for Sebastian, the person responsible for project implementation in our team, to choose the beneficiaries.

As a great film enthusiast, though not necessarily always an enthusiast of great films, Sebastian decided to support VideoLAN, the organisation which develops one of the best media players - VLC. VLC has been around for over 17 years, and it is available for all popular operating systems and mobile devices. It also comes in over 40 language versions. We are very grateful for this wonderful program and wish the creators all the best in its further development!

We’re also making a donation to the Animal Shelter in Korabiewice, run by Viva! Foundation. The shelter cares not only for many cats and dogs but also for horses, cows, goats, and other livestock animals. The shelter has had a fairly rough history - up until 2012, it was in the hands of people who kept the animals in terrible conditions - people who didn’t look after them, but made them suffer instead. Fortunately, there were others who weren’t so insensitive to the animals’ fate. They took over the shelter and have been providing the animals with ...

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